UPC Local Division Munich Expands Resources to Handle Rising Case Load

UPC-News | 02.05.2024

The Local Division Munich of the Unified Patent Court (UPC) has quickly become the most popular division, handling nearly as many cases as the next four divisions combined (Mannheim, Paris, Düsseldorf, and Hamburg). To address this increasing workload, several key changes have been announced:

  • Dr. Matthias Zigann will transition to a full-time role as a UPC judge. Previously, he split his time between the UPC and Germany’s Higher Regional Court of Munich.
  • The division will welcome two new legally qualified judges. These judges, whose identities remain confidential, currently serve in German national courts and will split their duties between the UPC and their national responsibilities.
  • With the addition of these judges, the Local Division Munich will establish a second panel to better distribute the caseload.

These changes, set to take effect on June 1, 2024.